28 Apr

The girls behind Minsk got their name on a trip to Moscow, but the heart of their design-bureau lays in Oslo. Still, they continue to travel, like going to Taiwan to become bicycle designers. When in Oslo you’ll find them at Mucho Mas where they all used to work “serving beers and quesadillas, while dreaming big about our future.”

Oslo has this new, fresh eagerness to it, and it’s a good place for us to set up our business. It’s a small city and the word gets around fast. But it is still big enough to not know everything that buzzes, and we get so pleasantly surprised over everything that’s going on, and the competent people who make things happen here!

The last two years have been a ride on a fast train. It has led us to Taiwan to become bicycle designers on a collection that was just released by XXL. We have worked with some big advertising agencies on different campaigns, with the rebranding of companies, and with different magazines and books. “Our involvement and ownership to everything we do, is a consequence of building our company brick by brick. And by being small, we get to work with other talented, small businesses, in bigger projects.” says Jenny, our photographer and art director.

Working our way up has been though at some times, but it has made us appreciate all the opportunities we’ve got. And speaking of that, the place we would like to point out as our all time favorite place in Oslo has to be Mucho Mas at Grünerløkka. Not only is it the city’s first authentic cali-mexican place, which has existed since 1995, but we have all worked here, serving beers and quesadillas while dreaming big about our future. “It’s such a colourful place, with people working there from all over the world. That means a lot of culture and emotions, all mixed into one little Mexican restaurant. All the different people, both staff and the regular customers, coming together, have meant so many memorable nights for us. It’s like being abroad, but still home.” says Kathrine, our graphic designer. “And if the atmosphere is good, the food is even better. The quesadillas and nachos are mouthwatering. Spicy with an extra dash of cilantro,” she sighs. The signature dishes are still there, but the menu has grown bigger and more diverse – and we all agree that’s is a good excuse to visit more often.

Minsk is a creative company working with graphic design, photography and art direction. All three of us are partners, covering different areas of expertise. “The combination of our backgrounds and the diversity in our jobs makes every day interesting,” says Marte, our designer and art director. We love our customers, and we are so happy to be able to work directly with them. This makes the processes effective, and the clients seems to enjoy being involved on a higher level. The results, and the way our customers makes use of our work is just amazing!

Favorite place

Mucho Mas

Thorvald Meyers Gate 36

0555 Oslo

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