12 Feb

Oslo is wonderfully traditional, at the same time the food scene is trailblazing for the world to follow”, says food & lifestyle photographer Marte Marie Forsberg about the city that once captured her teenage heart, and still inspires her work to this day.

Ever since I was a little girl and lived just outside Fredrikstad on an island, with Oslo just an hour and a half away by car, it beaconed like a sunny day would on a gloomy afternoon. To me, taking the train there in my teenage years to explore its shops, wander along the harbor, taste something new from a bakery, or linger with friends for hours in a hidden café, was such a treat.

Even today, after traveling the world shooting on location for clients as a food- and lifestyle photographer, Oslo still feels exciting to explore.
 It’s such a treat to be able to come home to my beloved Norway, since I moved to England, and discover my home country, and especially Oslo, with new and fresh eyes. The traditional brown cheese of my childhood school lunch packs, and the comfort of warm rice pudding with berry sauce.

The smell of apples in the fall, waiting to be picked by eager hands reaching over a fence and into someone’s garden quite illegally (…we call it “slang” in Norwegian), and the wafer thin Norwegian pancakes with crisp thick bacon, or hand picked blueberries from the forest, just a tram ride away from downtown Oslo.

It’s an ever-changing city with beautiful architecture, and a fun up and coming food scene. As a food- and lifestyle photographer I source Oslo for inspiration in my work, and still linger for hours in cafés – people watching and taking notes.

Oslo is wonderfully traditional at the same time the food scene is trailblazing for the world to follow. Scandinavian food has become the new black, and as a photographer working with chefs and foodies on a daily basis, Oslo has become a unique scene and exciting arena within the food industry.

The Scandinavian light has always been a great inspiration in my work as a photographer. Watching the sun dance on the water in the summer, while dangling my feet off a pier, or how on a low lit December afternoon, the cool blue hues moodily illuminates my studio kitchen just 30 min outside of Oslo, has definitely affected my work.

Oslo sports a warm minimalism in architecture and landscape, that has greatly affected how I style when doing food stories for magazines.
 Oh and the light, the gorgeous soft twilight in the summer that lingers for hours, is a photographers best friend, and the dark months of winter.

Many call that dark moodiness in lack of light that Norway sports in the winter, melancholic, but to me, that alluring light is a lullaby sang by the trolls in our fairy tales – dark, moody and totally spellbinding.


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