31 Jul

Owner of the fabulous clothing and interior store Mitt Lille Hjem, Julie Ann Seglem, says she fell in love with Oslo right away, but it wasn’t until she moved to Grunerløkka she felt like home. “What I truly love, coming from a smaller city on the south coast, is the feeling of a local neighborhood surrounding me, where people take the time to stop, chat and mingle.”

I moved to Oslo from my home town when I was 20 years old. Partly because of an exciting job-offer at the shoe company I worked for back then, and partly because my boyfriend at the time lived in the «big city».

I found so much inspiration in the city’s opportunities and easy access to everything from art, music, architecture and new exciting people. I knew right away that I wanted to create and build something of my own, that was truly personal, in this great city of possibilities.

I spent some time getting to know the city. I started of living on the west side, but the feeling of «being at home» did not fall into place until I moved to Grunerløkka on the east side of Oslo. Grünerløkka has everything you’d expect of a vibrant urban environment, and quickly became my favourite part of town and my new home – both personally and professionally!

Grünerløkka is a popular shopping district, with original design shops and many vintage and second-hand stores, and you find all sorts of specialty shops, the best coffee shops in town, the food court Mathallen, and numerous little cafés, restaurants and bars. In addition, the area also caters to Oslo people’s need for recreation in green areas and beautiful nature. Through Oslo, from north to south, runs the river Akerselva. Along the river there are parklands and walking trails, but also remains of Oslo’s industrial history. On the east side of the river, behind the old industrial buildings, lies Grünerløkka. What I truly love, coming from a smaller city on the south coast, is the feeling of a local neighborhood surrounding me, where people take the time to stop, chat and mingle.

I started my first shop in the area with a partner in 2007 at the age of 23. After three years I decided that it was time to follow my dream, and build a store that was true to my own concept, something that represented me! I sold everything I owned and gave it my all.

The result is Mitt lille hjem («My little home»). In January 2015 we celebrate 5 years – and still going strong. The shop is located in Oslo’s most beautiful street (in my view!), Markveien at Grûnerløkka. The concept is a mixed combination of interiors, furniture, clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry and a small selection of furniture that is hand crafted by my father, Arnold Seglem. Good old-fashioned service is my motto. My regular customers mean a lot to me, and I follow them through ups and downs in life.

My true inspiration is my grandmother. She emigrated to the US, moved back to Mandal and brought with her exciting pieces of ornaments, small glass containers with perfume, exotic dresses, shoes and hats! To me as a child is was a treasurehunt at her place! And that is what I want to create for my customers. A place where they feel at ease, and can find treasures they need to create their own and personal home. I strive to build the self confidence of my customers, to help them to make choices that are perfect for them, and not necessarily what the glossy magasines tell us is «right».

I have travelled a lot to Copenhagen, since most of our brands is from Denmark. This fall I plan to explore Berlin and Paris. But first and foremost – there are millions of things still undiscovered in Oslo. I find inspiration, energy and love every day from the great, little city of Oslo, Grunerløkka where I feel so much at home, my own Mitt lille hjem and my beautiful customers.

My favorite place in Oslo is Mitt lille hjem. I would love to see you there.

Favorite place

Mitt Lille Hjem

Markveien 56C

0550 Oslo

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