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We hope to be a contrast to franchises and assembly line mentality”, say Anne & Tonje, co-owners of the combined café and retro store Retrolykke. The two have successfully managed to bring a unique ambience to Oslo’s Grunerløkka area.

We are two friends with separate passions, but one mutual dream. For years, we have talked about combining our interests and opening a shop together which is the basis and background behind Retrolykke kaffebar.

Tonje is a wholehearted collector who has, throughout the years, filled up her home with Nordic design and other rarities from the 50s and 60s. Her dream of opening a second-hand store could no longer be suppressed. After 15 years in the insurance business with daily focus on security and safety it has been quite a contrast to open a retro shop. To quit her day job and throw herself into this new life felt like a giant step.

Anne has previously owned a coffee shop in Bergen and strives to combine fine quality with a friendly and generous atmosphere. After moving back to Oslo, she got an education as a teacher, but her dream of opening a coffee shop in Oslo never quite left her.

So suddenly in early spring 2014, we just made the decision, dropped everything in our hands and made our dream into reality. We started with preparations in March and planned an opening for June 2nd. We both agreed that the perfect spot for the shop would be Grünerløkka – an area where a growing interest for second hand articles and retro design thrives side by side with coffee shop culture. At our shop you can find both. We hope to be a contrast to franchises and assembly line mentality. Throwing away used articles is out of fashion, and these days, people simply want good quality.

We really want people to feel at home in our shop and agree that providing personalized service is essential. We want people to have a good experience, as well as good coffee. When you come into Retrolykke, it’s like coming into a different era, nostalgia and childhood memories are mixed with the most wonderful coffee aromas. In this shop, you can place an order that’s not on the menu. If we have the ingredients we’ll make it. You can also find an old treasure that reminds you of your grandmother’s kitchen to take home with you.

Tonje is an enthusiastic treasure hunter who gets filled with adrenaline when she finds something special hidden in the weirdest of places. Anne loves to make your coffee just the way you like it. This is a place for all of your senses; sight, odor and taste are equally important. We are social ladies who like to chitchat and get to know new people. This is a place where everyone just feels good.

Finally, we have the shop of our dreams that we have worked so hard creating all summer. At Retrolykke, you will find a selection of vintage clothing, small furniture, ornaments and retro design. In addition to coffee we have milkshakes, smoothies, sandwiches and cakes. This is the place to find something for everyone. The shop has received a lot of positive feedback, and it’s really appreciated. It is obvious that many people agree that Grunerløkka should be a place filled with original shops, rather than big franchise stores. Retrolykke hopes to be a colorful addition to Markveien.

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