Oslo chapter of Best Wishes Magazine

Best Wishes Magazine is a story collection of creative city chapters. By sharing and spreading inspiring stories of creatives, one gets to know the people behind their projects which makes up a city’s spirit. When living in a big city, one can find inspiration in every corner – here’s to a celebration of the creative scenes in cities all around the world and many more stories of creatives to come!

As a combination of journal and travel guide, we set up a manifesto to let you know what it’s all about.

Oslo editor Lene Haugerud shows us around by collecting the self-written stories of creatives inspired by the city.

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Edited by Lene Haugerud oslo@bestwishesmag.com

Lene Haugerud, Contributing Editor Oslo

lene For years growing up I dreamt of going as far away as possible from this country, back then Oslo was even a city I would laugh at. I never pictured myself living there. I am not sure if it was my perception that was misguided, or if it’s the city that has transformed so rapidly that the Oslo I used to make a mockery of is long gone. All I know is that in 2014 this city couldn’t be dearer to me. And although I never stop dreaming of distant places – that’s the nomad in me doing her thing, not the city pushing me away. The city is often praised for its proximity to nature, but being the urban dweller that I am, I rather love the city despite of it. Don’t get me wrong, the small islands of the Oslofjord are beautiful in summer, and I am happy to be surrounded by the sea. But you won’t find me, skis in hand, on a tram heading towards the forest at 10 am on a Sunday morning. What I appreciate are rather the extensive music line-ups, the way coffee is taken seriously – not as a trend, but more as an essential ingredient of life – and the way everything “cool” is not just abundant, but also within close reach. I’ve lived as far away as Australia and Cambodia; I have also called European hubs such as Amsterdam and Berlin for home. But living in these places, and travelling to dozens more, has (if only by time) made me appreciate my city more and more. As a writer it is here I have my voice, it is here I can follow the debates and understand the things unsaid, which are sometimes more crucial than words themselves, it is here I understand the social politics of which bar to go to or not, it is here I roll my eyes at people more than I do anywhere else, it is here I want to succeed the most, and it’s here, and only here, spring smells the way spring is supposed to. At times I crave this sense of belonging, other times it suffocates me – and that’s when I make the world my oyster. But I always return. To my family, my friends, my language, my city, and ultimately myself. Through the Oslo chapter of Best Wishes Magazine I am beyond thrilled to showcase some of the amazing people of this city, there’s so much going on for a city this size, and it’s all thanks to the wide range of creatives that keep doing their magic everyday.