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  • MikalStrom_Fuglen (1 of 1)

    Mikal Strøm
    art director

    For art director Mikal Strøm growing up didn’t turn out exactly as expected. At 31, he’s happy to have settled in Oslo, a city without flying cars, but a blooming coffee scene. “Over the last 5 years, small niche coffee shops and roasteries have been popping up in Oslo’s short streets and hidden alleyways, roasting and brewing the world’s finest coffee.” Read the story…


    Julie Ann Seglem
    owner of 'Mitt Lille Hjem'

    Owner of the fabulous clothing and interior store Mitt Lille Hjem, Julie Ann Seglem, says she fell in love with Oslo right away, but it wasn’t until she moved to Grunerløkka she felt like home. “What I truly love, coming from a smaller city on the south coast, is the feeling of a local neighborhood surrounding me, where people take the time to stop, chat and mingle.”

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  • bestwishesfromoslo-maja-stabel

    Maja Stabel
    Fashion designer & illustrator

    Only after being back in Oslo, fashion designer & illustrator Maja Stabel finds inspiration from surrounding herself with the creative community. “I think I needed to get away and nurture my adventurous side to realize what a great city this is.” Read the story…


    Julie Chiku
    founder of food blog 'Matbloggen' & caterer

    You can only imagine the nightmare food blogger and -caterer Julie Chiku must have felt when finding out she was allergic to everything she was basing her living on. “I was in a state of shock, and had to take some time off from cooking, while taking strong medications and finding out, on a day-to day-basis, what I could actually eat”, she says. Luckily, she used the bad luck to her advantage, embracing allergy-friendly foods as a way of strengthening her business.

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  • NinaNordalRønne1

    Nina Nordal Rønne
    illustrator and animator

    Illustrator and animator Nina Nordal Rønne tells the story of old Oslo, and how “a walk between old tree trunks, and then entering an open landscape, is refreshing” in a way that inspires her daily creative work. “When I draw or write, I work with a small-scale world under my hands. When I go for a walk and stop in front of a view, the perspective changes.” Read the story…


    Tim Wendelboe
    coffee roaster

    Way back when “the coffee shop concept was very new and unexplored”, some of Tim Wendelboe’s customers knew more about coffee than he did. Fast forward 16 years and he’s one of the main reasons why “Oslo … is one of the best cities in the world if you want to get a great cup of coffee”.
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    Ola Refsnes
    co-owner of 'Liebling' café

    Ola Refsnes, co-owner of much beloved Liebling, tells that Oslo-dwellers have missed his café without even realising it. And although he knew it would take some time until customers would embrace the communal table, they now seem to accept that “Liebling is a part of the European continent, and that Norwegian laws on ‘personal space’ don’t apply anymore”. Read the story…

  • MarteMarieForsberg

    Marte Marie Forsberg
    food- & lifestyle photograper

    Oslo is wonderfully traditional, at the same time the food scene is trailblazing for the world to follow”, says food & lifestyle photographer Marte Marie Forsberg about the city that once captured her teenage heart, and still inspires her work to this day. Read the story…