17 Mar
Although Spencer resides in the big city of Minneapolis now, his passion for exploring and adventuring outdoors is the reason Sota Clothing has gained popularity.  “After I presented my fictional company to the class, a lot of classmates were interested to see if I was going to make Sota Clothing a reality. Now, after graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth two years ago, Sota Clothing has transformed into a reality and my full time job.”

I moved to Minneapolis in the summer of 2014 from the western suburbs of Minnesota. Why? To be closer to the action. Minneapolis is an extremely creative town and there’s a lot going on here between events, creative agencies, and the network of people. After driving out to Minneapolis four or five times a week – I knew it was time to relocate. I wanted the freedom to be able to meet up with people at my ease.
Luckily the neighborhood I moved into (Lowry Hill) is an extremely social and open to new residents. Within the first week of living in my new place, one of the neighbors came over and invited me to their annual chili cook off. That’s when I realized I had gained a new family of neighbors.
I love how easy it is to get around here – especially by bike. If I want to grab my favorite coffee it’s only a five minute bike ride. The events aren’t too bad in Minneapolis either. During the summer you can find something to do new every single night. It’s awesome.
One of my favorite spots is Isles Bun & Coffee. I love the small town feel of the bakery and the support it receives from the community. On weekends during the summer the line of people can be out the door and down the block waiting to get their delicious freshly baked cinnamon rolls or poppy dog tails. So good.
I came up with Sota Clothing during my senior year of college at the University of Minnesota Duluth during my Senior Design Studio II class. The project was to create a fictional company and create the branding behind that business. After I presented my project to the class, a lot of classmates were interested to see if I was going to make Sota Clothing a reality. Now, after graduating from UMD two years ago, Sota Clothing has transformed into my full time job.
I am staying busy working on Sota Clothing, Near North Co, and freelance photography gigs. However Sota Clothing is my main gig. You can usually find me at a local coffee shop in Minneapolis working on designs, editing photos, or meeting with new connections for Sota Clothing. Right now I’m expanding Sota Clothing products and I’m starting to get into interior design items. One of the newest items is a handmade vintage Minnesota pennant. It was recently used to decorate the meet and greet wall for the All-Star game at Target Field. Near North Co. is a new company that I co-own with a new friend, Garrio Harrison, whom I met through Ad Fed. The company is geared towards people who create. My specific duties with Near North Co. are product development and photography. I love every second of it. Before Sota Clothing, I worked as a photographer for an architectural photography company, and I will still take on freelance projects as they come. I enjoy working with smaller companies that don’t have much of an identity through photography; helping them grow through that.
Minneapolis is my backdrop for photography. I grew up in the suburbs, with cookie-cutter homes and mall/shops. It wasn’t easy finding backdrops for my photography there. When I finally moved out to Minneapolis however, it was night and day for shooting. The neighborhood I live in has historic homes that are rich with character. When you walk around the block, it’s easy to find multiple backdrops. The style of Minneapolis also fits in with my style. We have parks, history, city, and much more.