25 Nov

I love this quote I saw recently, “Compliment people. Magnify their strengths. Not their weaknesses .”” Sarah Edwards’ heart is positively filled with kindness. She holds many titles in Minneapolis but continues to imagine a new environment in which everyone is closer connected to resources and people.

I‘ve lived in Minneapolis a little over 10 years. I came here to go to art school and didn’t have many expectations. I grew up in northern Minnesota but have had a love of fashion & style for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a single mom and we had the coolest house ever. It was not very big or very fancy but it was very us. I loved her ability to create new and exciting environments without a lot of money but more so a lot of passion and whimsy. The moment I got my first job waitressing at a cute little place in downtown Minneapolis called Gluek’s; is when I first felt “at home” in this city. They welcomed me as their family while I figured out what my next move would be. They would even have me over for Thanksgiving dinners if I could not make it home to Grand Rapids. They were my family for a long time and they will always have a special place in my heart. Gluek’s aside, Northeast Social is my favorite spot in Minneapolis. My husband Jared and I fell in love there and now we live down the street. Funny story: I’m completely in love with the Matt Franzen painting that hangs on the wall and whenever Jared and I would go there, I’d be sure to sit in a spot where I could view it. Jared contacted Matt to see if he could get a print made. They met up to chat about the painting and before he knew it, Jared ended up buying the massive piece of art for me. It still hangs on the wall of Northeast Social until the day I find a place for it in our home.  It’s titled “Ship of Fools” and is how I feel most days.

There are so many things I love about living in Minneapolis but one of the most important is how collaborative and supportive Minneapolis is. I’m a big believer in putting positive energy out into the universe. I believe that hating on another person’s work means you are either jealous or don’t have enough positive things to say about yourself. I love this quote I saw recently, “Compliment people. Magnify their strengths. Not their weaknesses .”

I do a lot of different things in Minneapolis and wear an array of hats. I consider myself a stylist, event producer, entrepreneur, strategist, and philanthropist. My current projects include I AM MPLS!, I AM ST. PAUL! and I AM Kindness. I created I AM MPLS! 5 years ago because I was really inspired by all the people working so hard to make this city such a great place to experience life in. From restauranteurs, to writers, to yogis to tattoo artists; Minneapolis is booming with a strong, talented community of creatives. I AM MPLS! is a fashion + variety show that brings people together to celebrate and connect folks from different industries. This year, I’m so excited to announce that we added I AM ST. PAUL! to the mix. Additionally, I founded I AM Kindness which is a “no-strings-attached” volunteer organization that allows creatives to give back within their busy schedule. Some things we’ve done are surprise makeovers at senior homes, gift bags for bus drivers, and a flower giveaway on Nicollet Ave. downtown. The idea is not to over think kindness and that there are opportunities to make someone’s day everywhere you look.

Minneapolis is a really supportive city that welcomes new thinking and perspectives. I’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way and developed a deep respect for anyone out there going for it. I recently quit my day job – which was a huge step in my career. It’s good though; because it has already opened up so many new opportunities that I am beyond excited for! I have not lived in many other cities in my life, which makes it difficult to compare. I believe living in Minneapolis might differentiate in the accessibility to people wanting to help you. There are a massive amount of great mentors and resources that are extremely helpful for any creative trying to carve out their career. I am happy calling Minneapolis home.

Favorite place

Northeast Social

13th Ave NE 359

55413 Minneapolis


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