21 Oct

Asha & Quinn
Q + A

The child of two opposite but equally creative minds, Q + A  is exactly what this city doesn’t have… until now. “We’re passionate about all things design and collaboration; working with musicians, fine artists, graphic designers and more to translate concepts and ideas into imagery. Each artist we feature has full input in the concept development process and final project execution.”  

I have lived in Minneapolis for almost two years now. I am originally from Las Vegas and about a month ago relocated to New York! I still come back about once or twice a month for work. Of course I moved to Minneapolis for love. Why else would one move to this frozen tundra!? My boyfriend at the time was offered a job and I as a photographer could work from anywhere and couldn’t wait to leave Las Vegas. I had no expectations going into the move – just one year goals. Minneapolis actually exceeded every expectation I ever had.

I think the first time I felt at home was probably six or seven months into living in the city. I was having a hard time making friends that I really clicked with. I met Quinn and she introduced me to a group of strong creative women that I just fell in love with. From there it was history. Everything about Minneapolis was home. It still feels like home.

The community in Minneapolis is so supportive of the arts. It’s unlike any other city I have ever lived in. Locals really hold it down out here. There are not many other cities where a local artist can sell out a 1600 person venue two nights in a row. I really respect that about the city. My favorite place in Minneapolis is Muddy Waters and it has been since the first week I moved here. I love the vibe. The people that hang out there are always really awesome and it’s a great local spot. The food is amazing, specifically the general Tsao’s chicken wings, (they’re very slept on). It’s also owned by a local rapper and his wife so it’s nice to support fellow artists.

Q+A is a very new project that we’re doing. It’s been about 6 months since we started it. We came up with it very effortlessly actually. We were planning our first photo shoot together and it took about a month to really lock down all the details. We felt we should show people all the steps that go into a shoot, rather then just the final photos. So we came up with Q+A and decided to keep going with it. I am a full time photographer, I have been for about five years now. I started doing mainly wedding photography and have now kind of switched over to more music photography. I am currently touring with rapper Lizzo and pursuing this sweet baby, Q+A.

Moving to Minneapolis was easily the best decision I have ever made in my life. I was able to really figure out who I was as a person and as a photographer. It really inspired me to push myself and be more creative. It gave me the opportunity to work with people that inspire me and can teach me. I really found my direction when I moved to Minneapolis and have been the happiest I’ve ever been with my work. Many things are easier to obtain in Minneapolis. Because the city is not as big as a New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco etc. it’s easier to meet people and develop amazing relationships. I became very involved in the music community out here and popular rappers/ singers were very open to the idea of collaborating. Where in other cities it’s much harder to receive a response from musicians and artists unless you’re a large publication.

I’ve been living in Minneapolis for four years now. I moved here from Michigan when I was a senior in high school. It was my second week as a senior and I remember my friends and teachers all thought I was crazy to just up and leave. But I was living in a tiny town in Michigan and I had the itch to move for a while, so I said bump it; packed in two days and left.

I first felt at home in MPLS during a show in the basement of 7th St. Entry. I had just started hanging out with my friends who are musicians. I was surrounded by musicians and music in the dirty, dingy, nasty greenroom doing makeup under horrendous lighting for a musician who was playing that night. Despite all of that though, I felt at home. I love the community of collaborators that I have somehow found myself in the middle of. Whether makeup artists, musicians, photographers, designers whatever; they’re all so ready to hop on a project and to produce something together. I love that about this place. It wasn’t like that back in Michigan at allllll.

One of my favorite places in the cities is Muddy Waters. It’s a restaurant and bar where Asha and I have all our meetings. Always stuffing our faces with mock duck tacos. It’s where GRRRL PRTY had our listening party and where my friends have celebrated their birthdays.

A and I came up with the idea of Q+A by working together on a photoshoot. I was doing makeup and set designing and she was photographing. The conceptual portion of the shoot was so intense and fun that we thought “Why the hell don’t we do this all the time?” Thus Q+A was born kicking and screaming.

My current situation is kinda crazy. I’m a student at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, touring with my friend as her makeup artist and stylist, as well as raising this Q+A child with A. I gotta a lot a things going on mayne. I’ve never created in a city as much as I have here. This place spawns creativity. Seriously everywhere. I couldn’t not create even if I wanted to.

Favorite place

Muddy Waters

Lyndale Ave S. 2933

55408 Minneapolis


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