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    Spencer Johnson
    Founder of Sota Clothing

    Although Spencer resides in the big city of Minneapolis now, his passion for exploring and adventuring outdoors is the reason Sota Clothing has gained popularity.  “After I presented my fictional company to the class, a lot of classmates were interested to see if I was going to make Sota Clothing a reality. Now, after graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth two years ago, Sota Clothing has transformed into a reality and my full time job.”

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    Sarah Blesener
    Documentary & Wedding Photographer

    Sarah Blesener may as well call Eastern Europe home. Using her common hashtag #everydayeasterneurope, it is no surprise Sarah’s heart lies across the sea. In addition to photographing countless timeless weddings worldwide, she now photographs her adventures while traveling. And guess what. She’s good at it.

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    Dahlia Brue
    Shop Owner

    It took two and a half years of brainstorming and hard work to allow Idun to open it’s doors nine months ago. It is a shop that you visit for minimalistic but unique finds; and, without realizing, inspiration.  “There is a sense of comfort living here while still breeding creativity and opportunity. That is the most beautiful thing about Minneapolis and St.Paul and I tried to breath that into Idun.”

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    Max & Johnna
    Owner/Chalk Artist/Muralist at Bear Fox Chalk

    One of Minneapolis’s favorite and ever so humble couples, Max and Johnna Holmgren of Bear Fox Chalk, seem to be familiar with taking risks. “You just have to be bold enough to put yourself out there.” Their success within the last three years is no surprise, as more of Minneapolis is now appreciating handmade art and locally owned businesses. Read the story…


    Sarah Edwards
    Event Producer / Entrepreneur / Strategist

    I love this quote I saw recently, “Compliment people. Magnify their strengths. Not their weaknesses .”” Sarah Edwards’ heart is positively filled with kindness. She holds many titles in Minneapolis but continues to imagine a new environment in which everyone is closer connected to resources and people.

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    Asha & Quinn
    Q + A

    The child of two opposite but equally creative minds, Q + A  is exactly what this city doesn’t have… until now. “We’re passionate about all things design and collaboration; working with musicians, fine artists, graphic designers and more to translate concepts and ideas into imagery. Each artist we feature has full input in the concept development process and final project execution.”  

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    Amber Rose
    Makeup Artist

    After years of working as a freelance makeup artist in the Twin Cities, Ms. Rose has a plethora of clients ranging from stunning brides to Minnesota’s own: Prince. “Although we are all trying to make a living doing what we love and naturally there will always be competition, we all look out for each other.”

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    Forrest Wozniak
    Sign Painter

    Forrest is devoted to a fair and old fashioned standard of craftsmanship; and has dedicated his life to many trades including sign painting. “Minneapolis has a long and continuous history of sign painting which has helped the receptiveness and popularity.  My trade did not start in art school.  In my opinion, it comes from the streets.” 

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    Michael Dodes
    Founder / Executive Director

    “Mill City Men used to be a one-guy show.” It only took a short two years however for the Midwest street-style blog to gain popularity. Michael Dodes’ devoted and forward-focused mind is the reason for Mill City Men’s success, without a doubt.

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    Ashley Haley
    Owner of BANGbang Salon

    When Ashley Haley decided to follow her dream of opening her own salon in the heart of south Minneapolis, she had no idea just how influential and creative the business could become. “Midwestern girl at heart… but love for the hustle and bustle of the city! Is Minneapolis a big city? Coming from a small town in SouthDakota 11 years ago… yes! It most definitely is!”

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    Colleen Eversman
    Photographer at 2nd Truth Photography

    Although she had only picked up her first camera a year ago, Colleen Eversman has been making quite an impact in the Minneapolis photography community. With her inviting and empowering personality, it is no wonder she has made herself known in such short time. “I’ve met so many wonderful and inspiring folks with unique stories and perspectives in the past year and I owe it all to taking the leap of faith into photography.”

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    Benjamin Vanden Wymelenberg, Woodchuck USA, Minneapolis, Minneapolis creatives, Best Wishes Magazine, Best wishes from Minneapolis

    Ben Vanden Wymelenberg
    founder & CEO of Woodchuck

    When Ben Vanden Wymelenberg started to make his own wooden phone cases, he just thought it might be fun to sell it to family and friends: WOODCHUCK was born. Fast forward one year, he runs his own company. “Minneapolis has been an amazing platform for launching my company and will be the platform in which it operates. The creativity, energy, drive, and authenticity of this city is unlike any other I’ve ever been.”

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