26 Mar

After jewelry designer of We Are Arrow Tatiana Andrea fell in love with both the city and her husband, she now gets inspired by surrounding herself with many other creatives at Netil Market where she has her shop and studio in a former shipping container. “I feel like to be influenced by this city, you only have to keep your eyes open.

I have been living on the East end of London for the past two years with my husband, and tiny dog Caramel. I decided to move here after accidentally falling in love with my now husband, two and a half years ago.  I came to London to sell my handmade jewelry in the first place, and all it took was a week in London to fall in love with an old friend, and at the same time, fall in love with an entire city!

I was instantly blown away by London’s beauty.  The history visable in everything from buildings to the streets to the customs and way of life here. I loved the elegance of it all, and wanted to soak it all up instantly. I first felt at home in London the first time i let myself get drunk here!  It took a while, but i think there was a point when I unknowingly just let my guard down, and felt safe.

My favorite place is Netil Market. This was the first market I traded at after moving to London, and is now where I have my shop.  It is a wonderful little place that brings all kinds of people together.  Here, I am surrounded by amazing, strong, women who are a constant source of support and inspiration.

I started creating jewelery after a chance encounter with a pile of scrap door hinges 5 years ago. Even though I had never made any jewelry I was instantly inspired by the strange shapes of these unwanted hardware bits, and thought they would make great necklaces. I loved the challenge of making something out of nothing, and trying to see things in new ways.

London is an excellent source of inspiration. It’s so easy to get swept up with such a big city, but if you slow down and pay attention, you can see the most beautiful things! I feel like to be influenced by this city, you only have to keep your eyes open. I have found so much freedom in London! It is such a giving city, and unlike the States, where you are told you need to go to school, then to college so you can find a job and be happy, I feel like the people here are more eager and actually ABLE to explore. They are encouraged to take time off for themselves and travel. This kind of mindset is great food for creativity, and a constant reminder to keep exploring.

Favorite place

E5 Bakehouse

Mentmore Terrace Arch 395

E8 3PH London

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