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30 Mar

Giving up the charming, friendly lifestyle of Brighton was hard, and trading it for the big anonymous city strange, but for art director and stylist Alexander Breeze, the reward was worth it. Following his interest in art, media, and photography, Alexander found that the abundance of galleries, architecture, history, culture, and even London’s underground mice, is a rich source of inspiration. “It took me a while, but I love living here now. London is a city that grows on you.”

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14 Jul

After having given up on London and returning home to New Zealand, photographer and art director Adrienne Pitts was ready to start fresh in Auckland. But the offer of work tempted her, and brought her back to the creative hub. “What I love most about this city is its creativity and energy. If I’m feeling uninspired my rule is just to go outside. And usually within minutes I’m inspired again”

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