14 Oct

After returning from his travels in India and being inspired by “the simple set up” of barbershops there, Lee Wells decided to open his own barbershop on Netil Market in East London.

I moved to London at 20 years of age. I wanted to expand my skills and have more freedom to express my creativity within one of the most fashionable and exciting cities in the world. Living and working in London’s East End exceeded my expectations as I was soon presented with many opportunities to explore my trade down an array of different avenues. These include regularly working at London’s fashion week to performing on stage at festivals and events.

It doesn’t take long to settle into the pace of London. You are never left without something new to do or somewhere to visit. At present I’m enjoying hanging out around Broadway Market and London fields. I also spend time exploring the Hackney Wick area.

I’ve wanted to open my own barbershop since I arrived back from the first time I travelled India. I take my inspiration from the simple set up they have out there. I have since been back to source more ideas and even spent time working within these barbershops with local barbers. Being a perfectionist pushes me to be the best at what I do. Having your name above puts your reputation on the line, giving you the motivation you need to succeed. Living as a creative in London is by no means easy. It’s long hours and hard graft but if you truly love what you do then it is the most rewarding way to make a living.

Favorite place

The General’s Barbershop

23 Westgate St

E8 3RL London

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