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    Alexander Breeze
    writer, creative director, stylist

    Giving up the charming, friendly lifestyle of Brighton was hard, and trading it for the big anonymous city strange, but for art director and stylist Alexander Breeze, the reward was worth it. Following his interest in art, media, and photography, Alexander found that the abundance of galleries, architecture, history, culture, and even London’s underground mice, is a rich source of inspiration. “It took me a while, but I love living here now. London is a city that grows on you.”

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    Emy Gray
    owner of Brixi shop

    When Emy Gray came up with the idea of her own shop, she decided to open it in the bustling neighborhood of Brixton. “Running a creative business in London is tough – it’s a brutally expensive city. But if you love what you do – it’s always worth a battle.” Read the story…

  • Adrienne Pitts

    Adrienne Pitts
    photographer, art director and designer

    After having given up on London and returning home to New Zealand, photographer and art director Adrienne Pitts was ready to start fresh in Auckland. But the offer of work tempted her, and brought her back to the creative hub. “What I love most about this city is its creativity and energy. If I’m feeling uninspired my rule is just to go outside. And usually within minutes I’m inspired again”

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    Hannah Trickett
    interior designer and blogger

    Growing up in a creative family,  interior designer Hannah Trickett followed her dad’s example when she moved to London. Living in the city for 10 years now,  she reflects on the changes, the challenges and the adjustments to her dreams: “London has driven me to continue as a creative and taught me that following your own path is not just ok but super exciting.” Read the story…

  • 140409_BWL_R.Gale_010

    Rachel Gale

    Without much planning in advance, illustrator Rachel Gale didn’t know ‘how’ many creative opportunities the city had to offer: “In retrospect, my 22-year-old self imagined living in London to be buzzing with energy, fast paced & super busy, inhabited by people thirsty for opportunity & fun. It really did meet and exceed all my expectations.”

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    Annie Nichols
    artist, cookery writer, food stylist

    The day, artist Annie Nichols moved to London, “it felt right”. As did her decision to go back to school and combine her passions for food and art as a cookery writer. “London constantly stimulates me, surprises me, inspires me and allows me to be creative the way I want to be.”  Read the story…


    Tatiana Andrea
    jewelry designer & owner of WeAreArrow

    After jewelry designer of We Are Arrow Tatiana Andrea fell in love with both the city and her husband, she now gets inspired by surrounding herself with many other creatives at Netil Market where she has her shop and studio in a former shipping container. “I feel like to be influenced by this city, you only have to keep your eyes open.
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  • 140313_AKerin_009

    Ana Kerin
    owner of Kana ceramics

    In our very first story from London, Ana Kerin reflects on her relationship with her city of choice – as the owner of Kana ceramics, she constantly gets inspired by her surroundings. Yet “less is sometimes more. London is a city of opportunities! It gives back as much as you are willing to give. And that only seems fair…” Read the story…