05 Jul

“Before living in Tokyo, I’ve always had this image that most people don’t have lives and slave off at work.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

To celebrate our 1 year anniversary of Best Wishes Magazine and sharing stories of creatives, we launched our first city chapter in Asia: Best wishes from Tokyo! We’re so happy to have Natasha Vik on board and we can’t wait to explore this beautiful city through the upcoming stories of creatives.

02 Jun

“My first impression of Oakland was that it is very low key.

Although it wasn’t as flashy or structurally impressive as Manhattan, I noticed in the nuances there was something deeper– like character.”

From now on, our editor Shannon David will walk us through the streets of Oakland and we couldn’t be happier to have her with us! Once considered San Francisco’s ugly step-sister, Oakland has come into its own and illustrator Christina Song has a true eye for the city’s charm, depicted lovingly in her paper-cut Oakland City Map. Read the story!

02 Jun

“The music scene is the fashion scene is the food scene is the design scene.

Go to any event and all of the worlds will collide.” 

Our first city chapter from the States is online with best wishes from Minneapolis: We welcome photographer Nicole Feest as our Minneapolis editor – from now on, she will introduce us to what she calls one of the most inspiring cities in the States! So does Liz Gardner in the first story who is still amazed and constantly inspired by the city’s history in designing campaigns.

19 May

Meet the editors

With more and more city chapters coming up, you might have been wondering who are all the enthusiastic editors we’re so happy to have on board?

In the following weeks, we’ll feature one editor at a time. Until then, read more about us here!

24 Mar

“London is a city of opportunities! It gives back as much as you are willing to give.

And that only seems fair…”

Best wishes from London is the latest addition to our story collection of creative city chapters! From now on, photographer Ola O Smit will capture the city’s creative spirit as our London editor by meeting creatives at their favorite places in the city. Read the first story by owner of ‘Kana’ ceramics Ana Kerin who reflects on her relationship with her city-of-choice.

06 Mar

“I do love cycling over the bridges at night with all the lights shining over the water of the canals.”

With Best wishes from Amsterdam, we already welcome our 3rd member to the story collection of creative city chapters – Amsterdam editor Laura Sanz Arribas will guide you through this inspiring and aspiring city, regaining its vibe with more and more creatives making this city their home. Have a look at one of the first stories by illustrator Valesca van Waveren!

“Yes Oslo may have its bad days, but season after season the city lives for the moment, cherishing these changes.”

As one of many more city chapters to come, we launched Best wishes from Oslo last week! From now on, our Oslo editor Lene Haugerud will show us around by collecting the self-written stories of creatives – starting with the story by Rebecca Hawkes, photographer & graphic designer!

What a wonderful year for Best Wishes Magazine – when spring was in full bloom, it all began with Best wishes from Berlin. By now, there are already around 25 stories on the site to capture the city’s creative spirit:

from opening pop-up backery Gourmandise Berlin and launching Flaneur Magazine by Ricarda Messner to Kiezoper and betahaus, from American Katherine Sacks and Danish Karen Sofie Egebo who made Berlin their new home to bloggers like Marta Greber of ‘What should I eat for breakfast today?’ and James Glazebrook of ‘Überlin’ – “we write to taste life twice” said Anaïs Nin once and we couldn’t agree more.

We drank a lot of coffee at The Barn and Aunt Benny, visited Tempelhof as well as Prinzessinengarten, drove outside the city to airport Berlin-Tegel one early morning and discovered the old Berlin by meeting at Karl-Marx-Allee and Gendarmenmarkt.

We couldn’t be happier about all the enthusiasm and feedback we received over the last few months and here’s to a happy 2014 with more inspiring stories and city chapters to come!

If you haven’t already followed the instagram countdown until Christmas, there are already 5 more cities to add to the story collection like Best wishes from Amsterdam, Oslo, Minneapolis, London and Melbourne – so stay tuned, stay curious and get inspired for your own creative ideas to blossom in this coming year – best wishes to all of you!

05 Dec



Neighbourfood Market | Amsterdam



Schillerbar | Berlin



Dronning Louises Bro | Copenhagen



Giacomo Caffè | Milan



Naustet | Oslo

From now on, we feature the favorite places in cities around the world of our dear readers periodically on this feed. If it’s a place you feel at home or just your favorite coffee shop around the corner – be sure to tag your instagram photos (old and new, one or many) with #withbestwishes, #bestwishesmag and the city you live in to get featured on this feed as well as our facebook page!

Best Wishes Magazine is all about the creative people and their favorite places in the cities all around the world – with many more city chapters to come which will be announced within the following weeks.

Today, Best wishes from Berlin is sharing stories of creatives for already half a year now – to celebrate, all you dear readers come in:

tag your photos of your favorite places with #withbestwishes, #bestwishesmag and the city you live in. If it’s a place you feel at home or just your favorite coffee shop around the corner –  we would love to feature a selected collection of photos from our readers from now on periodically on this feed as well as on our facebook page.

17 Nov

Only about half a year ago, in May 2013 and with spring in full bloom, ‘Best Wishes Magazine’ began in Berlin to capture the city’s spirit by portraying the creative people behind their projects.

Reread the very first story on ‘Best wishes from Berlin’ by Svenja Paulsen, a food & lifestyle photographer.