29 Oct

Born and raised in Hamburg, Trixi tries to find new perspectives and angles on her beloved hometown every single day, whether it is by bike or foot. These walks have become an important part of her identity over the years and reflect her need for creativity and inspiration. “Most of the time, the journey is my destination.”

I was born in Hamburg and I am one of those people who find it very hard to imagine living in another city. After school I only left Hamburg for a longer time once when I lived as an au pair girl in Spain for nearly a year. Since then, I regularly felt a growing wanderlust and wished to see other places and maybe start a new life somewhere else. Although I never travelled for more than a month and I still don’t like the feeling of returning back home after a holiday, I am very happy to have this city as my home base. When I moved to St. Pauli 12 years ago, I wasn’t very familiar with the streets around the touristy Reeperbahn. But I was keen to explore every little street to find hidden places and photogenic corners of this area. These walks became a very important part of me. I learned to love my new neighbourhood at day-time better than at night-time and wanted to show everyone that there’s more than night clubs and red lights around here. The Elbe with its harbour sounds and wide views in front of my door became another important piece of this puzzle for sure.

Since then, living by the water has been really important for me. After living in St. Pauli for ten years, I moved to Ottensen so I extended my ‘home base’ for some kilometres to the west. But actually every place near the Elbe feels like home to me. I still love to move around rather than stay in one place – so one of my favourite things to do in this city is to take a long walk or to ride my bike. Wedel, Wilhelmsburg or Vierlande are great destinations for bike rides. I love to see the transformation of the city when you move forward and the streets and houses are changing and suddenly you see yourself in the countryside. I love the experience of seeing different angles and contrasts of the city. I also feel really connected to places that are ‘in between’, such as Oberhafenbrücke, Argentinienbrücke or Alter Elbtunnel.

Of course I also love to sit in cafés, nice restaurants or other good places like Park Fiction, Altonaer Balkon or Elbstrand. But ideally these spots are only a little break – most of the time, the journey is my destination.


Favorite place

Oberhafen Bridge

Oberhafenbrücke 1

20097 Hamburg

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