24 Jun

If it’s the brewing class on the weekend or a unique beer tasting, Max and Ronald’s passion for craft beer is unmistakable. With Brausturm Spektakel – blending Nordic down-to-earthness with the openness for something new – they infect everyone around them with their love for drinks besides the norm and remind people how charming it is to do things on your own. Their events enrich Hamburg’s cultural scene and conjure smiles not only on beer lovers’ faces. 

Hamburg is one of the “small big” metropolises in Europe, but thanks to its harbor and the proximity to the sea, it offers a special charm that no other city can quite match. In summer, the city throbs at its hot spots close to the Alster lake, the Schanzenviertel, St. Georg or Reeperbahn – obviously. During this time of the year, Hamburg and its residents change from a state of Nordic coolness to a laid-back, casual lifestyle. These are the months when people who live here – a colourful potpourri of Hipster dudes (some of them haven’t moved to Berlin yet), Mr. Normals and good old moneybags – go outside and everyday life shifts to the streets. A parade of diverse characters emerges – not so many that it bothers you but not too few either. Everybody just does his own thing, relaxing and enjoying the time being.

It’s the harbor that provides that laid-back atmosphere every year all over again. The sea at hand makes it easy to dream about the wide world and a life according to one’s own ideas. It opens up people’s hearts and minds for cultural diversity, tolerance and freedom.

Another important point about Hamburg is that it offers very good conditions for young entrepreneurs. We are a young start-up – Brausturm Spektakel – spreading the love for craft beer. We offer professional beer brewing classes and serve as distributors for craft beer brands. Working together with international microbreweries, we complement their collection with young microbreweries from Germany. On the weekends, we organize local brewing classes where participants can brew their own beer and take it home with them. It’s our dream to stand on our own feet and establish craft beer as a quality drink in Hamburg. The city offers a beneficial environment for new business models. A broad international crowd and a big interest for regional products encourages the creation of small enterprises like ours. For example Fritzkola and Lemonaid have succeeded in building two brands more or less out of a small garage. We would like to do the same and show people how easy it is to brew your own beer. An abundance of historical stories in our backpack, our plan is to revive old recipes from the blossom of the Hanseatic city and give them a fresh twist.

Our favorite spots in Hamburg are Café Strandperle at Elbstrand, Slim Jim’s Pizza in the Schanze and the burger spots Brooklyn Burger Bar and Otto’s Burger. But for those of you who prefer to enjoy their self-made beer, we recommend grabbing a seat on the harbor brick walls, right next to the Fischauktionshalle or in the Alster greens next to the Fährhaus.

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