13 Aug

Giving something back to the city he loves, that is what drives bike lover Ingo. He kept his rebel teenager spirit and is motivated to change things for the better. Organizing bike races that make other addicts happy is how he fosters urban culture and gets to know his favorite local places. „This is a time we’ll remember“ … a quote by Youth of Today, a straight edge hardcore band from NYC who dragged my 14-year-old self into not only into the hardcore scene but also changed my life. When we were 14 and were skateboarding, we also wanted to start off such a band and wanted to make noise and jump around and feel exactly like those bands in their concerts. That’s why we bought instruments, renovated the cellar in my parents’ house in Münster and started covering those songs we loved. Then we played our first shows and cruised with my Mom’s bloody broken car through Germany (we ended up at the Rote Flora once), Netherlands, Belgium und all of Europe. We did exactly what we wanted and didn’t care one bit if we would make money with our music. We learned real fast, that you have to start your own thing, if you want something to work out. We have found out, that it is super easy to find something horrible and much more difficult, to do it better. We have realized that it is much easier to talk bad behind someone’s back than getting it said straight to your face.It was the best time of my life and I have found friends all over the world that I’m still having contact with, even more then 20 years later. Personally I learned a lot about booking, touring, organization, marketing, advertising, editing and about myself, more than studies could have ever taught. But why do I tell you my story? Because we have organized the first RAD RACE Last Man Standing in Berlin this year. And because it explains what we are up to, what our plans are and why we do all this. Last year we sat down for the 1000th time with friends for dinner and said that we should invent a bike race. One where none is ashamed of wearing the finisher shirts. One that is cooler than those „everybody“-races with 20,000 starters, where everybody is afraid of getting run over because the guy in front or back sits on a race bike for the first time. We wanted to bike thousands of kilometers together wearing cool shit clothes. That’s why we founded RAD RACE. Just to do it. Something that is fun for us, fun for others and something that might develop into something sustainable, to give back to biking culture. Hamburg is an important part of this. It’s my loved home since 2010 and I knew from the first day on that I would love the city more than Cologne, where I had lived for 11 years. Shortly after moving to Hamburg, I travelled through Southern America with my girlfriend and on a tiny island (just like one of those screensavers) I met two Americans. After seeing them collecting waste on the island, I wanted to know why and asked them. That’s when I learned a lesson that I’m still trying to live after today. „We are trying to leave every place more beautiful than we found it.“ If I ever end up having to leave Hamburg – though I hope I can stay as long as possible – then I would want to leave it more beautiful behind than when I found it. Sounds cheesy but who cares, I’m gonna try.That’s why we organize wild cycling races in Hamburg and try to make other bike addicts happy and add something to the local scene. One is 20k away from Hamburg in Geesthacht right at the Elbe, and one is in the heart of Hamburg at the Brandshof, where also the pictures were taken. I could tell you tons of beautiful places here but just get on your bike, find them yourselves and enjoy the coolest city in the world.

Stay rad, Ingo.

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