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As a combination of journal and travel guide, we set up a manifesto to let you know what it’s all about.

As our Hamburg editor, Kristina Bonitz collects the self-written stories by the city’s creatives and meets with them at their favorite place – and who could be a better choice to do so than a professional trend strategist?

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Kristina Bonitz, Contributing editor Hamburg

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I still remember the incident when one of my friends from France visited me in Hamburg. At first I basically had to talk him into climbing in that plane, he wasn’t really keen on seeing the city at all. After half a day he was so in awe with the harbor and everything else around here that he decided to move here. This is Hamburg. Whereas most people brag about Berlin and its internationality and excitement, it’s always been this Northern spot at the water that caught my heart and attention.

I love the city’s down-to-earthness, its unobstrusiveness and its cultural and creative caleidoscope. The creative scene is big and very multi-faceted: you’ll find galleries in places you never thought of and the varieties of concerts is immense. Sometimes I’m screaming of pure joy when great bands play at small venues around here and you basically enjoy a concert in a living room. Hamburg doesn’t need to boast about its qualities, if you’ve been there once, you’ll see for yourself. It’s Nordic understatement at its best.

I’ve been living here for 7 years now – but the euphoric sensation and joy whenever I see the harbor has remained the same. Each time I come back home from a trip, the first thing I do is visit Park Fiction – a graffiti-sprayed park with the harbor at its feet. Having early breakfast at the docks after a long night out partying at Golem, there’s nothing quite like it. I have lived in the States as well as in Sweden, and although I’m pretty sure I’ll end up in Scandinavia sooner or later, Hamburg will always be my home base. Mainly because of the great people I’ve met here as well as its cultural vibe.

People living here joke around about Hamburg actually feeling like a small village. It happens a lot that you will see familiar faces at events or parties. That’s what makes it so great living here. You have the advantages of a big city, meeting great people and discovering new places without ever losing this warm sense of familiarity. It’s more about the people than the hot spots. The crazy, weird and unexpected stories that turn strangers into beloved characters. Hamburg has tons of them and I’m thrilled to show you a glimpse of all the creativity this city has to offer. Consider this as the digital version of one of those random encounters in a bar where you’ll have a beer with a stranger sharing his story. Priceless.