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  • Best Wishes Hamburg Rad Race

    Ingo Engelhardt
    Bike Racer

    Giving something back to the city he loves, that is what drives bike lover Ingo. He kept his rebel teenager spirit and is motivated to change things for the better. Organizing bike races that make other addicts happy is how he fosters urban culture and gets to know his favorite local places. Read the story…

    Sarah at Café Johanna

    Sarah Bernhard
    digital creative & photographer

    The eclectic mix of creative atmosphere and recreational spots is what brought Sarah Bernhard to Hamburg. With an access to a great network of other creatives and a high demand for quality, the city pulses with potential for innovative products. To pick up new bits of inspiration, the digital creative and part-time photographer spends much of her time being outdoors or enjoying one of the many possibilities of having a good drink or meal.

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    Max & Ronald
    Brausturm Spektakel

    If it’s the brewing class on the weekend or a unique beer tasting, Max and Ronald’s passion for craft beer is unmistakable. With Brausturm Spektakel – blending Nordic down-to-earthness with the openness for something new – they infect everyone around them with their love for drinks besides the norm and remind people how charming it is to do things on your own. Their events enrich Hamburg’s cultural scene and conjure smiles not only on beer lovers’ faces. 

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