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  • Morten1

    Morten Nordstrøm

    For born and bred Copenhagener Morten Nordstrøm, photography is the way he makes sure to capture the moments that count. Both with his family and the many people that, like him, have chosen to spend their lives in the city. “Most of the streets and buildings in inner Copenhagen are quite old which strengthens the feeling of being a small character in a big scene.” Read the story…


    Nana Hagel
    Journalist and Instagrammer

    For journalist Nana Hagel, Copenhagen is a big love and sometimes also a big frustration. The city’s size, caught between a drowsy small town and a vibrant city, has made her run away to New York and Paris, but it always gets her to come back as well. “Where else in the world do you get that cozy small town feeling without having to compromise on cultural offerings?” she asks. Read the story…


    Mette Willert
    Content manager and instagrammer

    For Mette Willert, instagrammer and content manager for the Danish railway company DSB, the city has changed since she discovered Instagram. The social media platform has made her see Copenhagen with new eyes. “There was a time before and a time after Instagram.” Read the story…