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Thea at Gendarmenmarkt, her favorite place in Berlin
Thea at Gendarmenmarkt, her favorite place in Berlin
German co-founder and editor of sisterMAG, Theresa Neubauer, “didn’t fall in love with Berlin head over heels”. But “Berlin has been an amazing place to found a company”.


Moving to Berlin wasn’t my first choice. But it was the easiest move so far and felt like coming home. I originally come from a small town in Eastern Germany, studied Engineering for Book and Media Production in Stuttgart, London and Leipzig and finally settled in Berlin last September. Together with my sister Toni I had been working on our project „sisterMAG“ – a Digital-Only Magazine for the Digital Lady – for almost one year while still living and studying in Leipzig. Toni has been living in Berlin for over 6 years, which was the reason why we decided that I would join her there, so we could work from one place. Nevertheless, my wanderlust always lets me dream of living in London or New York.

But what I love about the city: its diversity and the idea that you never know where you end up at the end of a day. So many things are always happening (which also leads to a known phenomenon of Berliners: you never really say YES to a party because something “better” could come up). I however didn’t fall in love with Berlin head over heels. On my very first day of living in Berlin my iPad and camera got stolen. What a start! I only slowly started adoring the city because of experiences, adventures and most importantly the people I met along the way.

Berlin has been an amazing place to found a company, which we did in January this year with our digital publishing house “Carry-On Publishing”. People are very open to ideas; they help each other and are very supportive. It is an absolutely amazing time to live in Berlin. It is so energetic, everything is moving and interesting people are rushing into the city every day. That’s the reason why I love Berlin, even if it doesn’t have the most beautiful skyline!

My favourite places: two coffee shops which are in walking distance from my home:

‘Linnen’ on Eberswalder Straße and ‘Nothaft + Seidel’ on Schönhauser Allee

I also love to walk across Gendarmenmarkt, because that feels most like the “old 19th century Berlin” from novels and books I loved to read as a girl.


In the latest spring issue of sisterMAG, the readers are taken on a trip to Italy. Thea, calling herself a ‘digital lady’, also writes her own blog where she documents her daily life in Berlin as well as sneak peeks into the creative process at sisterMAG.

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