05 Mar

“When living in a big city like Berlin, we often almost forget to take a break – but this hustle and bustle is what we love about this city.” Susann Probst & Yannic Schon, photographers and founders of food blog Krautkopf are constantly inspired by Berlin – with many more creative ideas to come.

Like bees around a honeypot, we felt the urge to move to Berlin in the Summer of 2010. We just needed a change of scenery and were in search of something new and exiting, but overall inspiring. So we came to Wedding – while all of our friends moved from Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg to Kreuzberg or the next hip kiez Neukölln. But we really liked the more rough kiez of Wedding with all its Turkish eateries and betting shops. It was the perfect fit for us, because we always needed to leave the kiez to meet friends or eating out in nice restaurants all around the city. This way, we got to know a lot of Berlin in a short time and had the chance to dive into the different neighborhoods. But of course, we also got to know many great places within walking distance in Wedding and still every time a new cozy café or bar opens, we’re excited about the culinary enrichment to our area. Since 1-2 years, the area changes a lot and it’s exciting to experience it.

Since we’re food enthusiasts as well as photographers on our food blog Krautkopf, we go to the market at Leopoldplatz twice a week and love the sweet treats at Tassenkuchen in Malplaquetstraße, truffle pasta at Italian restaurant Da Baffi and the tasty apple tarte at Dujardin…!

When living in a big city like Berlin, we often almost forget to take a break – but this hustle and bustle is what we love about this city. We constantly get more and more ideas and cherish the fact that so many things are possible to do here in Berlin.

Having made friends with many people here who support us, Berlin doesn’t seem like an anonymous city to us and we felt welcome here right from the beginning. Since we’re also the wedding photographers Paul liebt Paula, we get to travel for work a lot around Germany and Europe to different cities, both big and small, but every time we come back, we’re happy to call Berlin our home. We just love the summer in the city, when everyone celebrates the city life outside. But what would Berlin be without the melancholic atmosphere during winter? This is the time when we walk around Berlin with our analogue cameras to capture our more personal photos on www.zimmer117.de.

Yet, there are still so many more things which keep us intrigued about this city, a special spirit which cannot be described in words, but rather needs to be experienced by everybody on his or her own…