10 Aug
Marta at her favorite place in Berlin, Café 'The Barn' in Mitte
Marta at her favorite place in Berlin, Café 'The Barn' in Mitte
Polish photographer and food blogger of ‘What should I eat for breakfast today?’ Marta Greber discovers Berlin bit by bit. With its food scene, “this city gave me a chance to meet people who love what they’re doing”… 


Seven years ago I left Warsaw, my hometown, and started traveling, visiting many places all around the world. I stopped for a longer moment in Sydney, Amsterdam, Sucre and San Francisco. Last year, in April, I closed myself in a small house in the Polish mountains to do some creative work without internet and friends (I love them all, but they may be disturbing). My husband Tomasz called and asked if I’d like to live in Berlin for a while (at that time, we were based in Amsterdam). I was bored after a month with myself, so I said that within three days I can go there to hang out and to look for an apartment. So I went, and after another three days I called him back and said that this is THE city, I love it and that I want to live here. Two weeks later I was unpacking and starting my life in Berlin. And I must say that the first summer in this city was most probably the best summer in my life. I was planning on staying for half a year, maybe a little bit longer, but I’m still here.

I didn’t have any expectations towards Berlin, I knew nothing about the city (I had no idea that Kreuzberg or Neukoelln exist), so each day served something new. At first I was surprised how relaxed, open and creative people in Berlin are. There are so many small galleries, cozy and friendly cafés and delicious, but still reasonably priced restaurants. I’m a food blogger at ‘What should I eat for breakfast today?’ and photographer, so food is an important part of my life. For the first few weeks, I could be found in one of the many stores with organic goods, reading labels and getting excited about all the products. Then I’ve discovered amazing events organized by people passionate about food like small dinners that I could attend, Preussenpark where I can buy traditional Thai food for a picnic or Street Food Thursday in Markthalle Neun with too many yummy meals to go there only once. This city gave me a chance to meet people who love what they’re doing. I’ve attended inspiring events organized in private apartments and open for anyone who’s interested (I am not sure if it’s happening anywhere else in Europe). But the first time when I felt that I belong here was when someone I’ve just met asked me if I’d like to exhibit my pictures during the event she organizes, because she likes them. I think that everything is possible here.

It’s hard to say which neighbourhood is my favorite, since I’m still discovering the city. I like to spend time in Kreuzberg, just to wander and watch life around me. I also enjoy Neukoelln and Friedrichshain for different reasons. I’d like Berlin to be my base. I still want to travel and spend longer time in different places, but I think that Berlin is my home. My tip – find blogs written by creative Berliners and check out what they like about the city. It’s much better than a guide. I started my food blog one year before I moved here, but Berlin was a place where it took off and got on a right track. I found a perfect old table on a flea market and simply too many props for settings. Whenever I need inspiration, I go to a local street market and talk to people, let them tell me about their farms, gardens, beautiful vegetables or a crazy but lovely chicken. All the flavors and smells make me hungry for something new. And it helps me a lot, because passion for food is contagious.

Next time, you’re asking yourself ‘What should I eat for breakfast today?’, now you know. And in the series ‘Eat Berlin’, Marta collects all her favorite cafés and eating places of the city.

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The Barn

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