21 Nov

German co-founder of ‘betahaus’, Madeleine Gummer von Mohl, opened up a coworking space, because “Berlin is always up for a new idea and can rapidly be inspired”.

My first trip to Berlin was in the 80ies – a long time ago! I spent a day with my godmother in the old center of Berlin, the Kudamm! And she got me pink roller skates! Oh I loved it!

Since 2004 I live and work in Berlin. 5 years ago a few friends and I opened up ‘betahaus’, a coworking space for freelancers, makers and start-ups. Why do I love Berlin?! Berlin is wild, loud, dirty, edgy and international. I never get bored here. Berlin is always up for a new idea, and can rapidly be inspired. Berlin is also forgetful though! When an idea does not work out, it does not matter, for the next idea is already on the horizon. Since 2009, we at ‘betahaus’ have worked to help develop the start-up and freelance scene in Berlin further. Our aim is to make it the Silicon Valley of Europe! I know that this is a very ambitious aim, but Berlin is already well on its way to achieving this. It is so inspiring to see what has developed here over the past five years! Now the Business Angels and VCs just need to be a little more open to taking risks! After all, there are enough start-ups and great ideas!

These days, Berlin can easily keep up with Europe’s other start-up metropolises. In Berlin, there is a start-up pitch happening almost every weekend! And the great thing about it is that Berlin still remains wild, loud, dirty and so very congenial!

‘betahaus’ invites creatives to get ideas and get inspired – if it’s at some of the many workshops or at ‘betahaus breakfast’ every Thursday – take a look at the event calender or just stop by for a cup of coffee.

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