18 Mar

Being born in Berlin, the team behind Our food stories, Laura Muthesius & Nora Eisermann, is cooking its way through the city while still discovering the different neighborhoods: “For us, the special thing about Berlin is that it’s full of contrasts and every area has its own charm.” 

We are both originally from Berlin and have lived here for the longest time of our lives. Berlin means home for both of us. We feel secure here and we are always happy to come back after a journey. For us, the special thing about Berlin is that it’s full of contrasts and every area has its own charm. You can get inspired by so many beautiful little shops, cafés, streets… and the great thing is that you can always explore new places even as a Berliner! Because we grew up in different areas of Berlin, we could show each other our favorite places that the other one didn’t know yet. Laura has a special penchant for bookstores, so she showed Nora her favorite bookstore in Charlottenburg called ‘Knesebeck 11′ and ‘Ocelot, not just another book store’ in Mitte.  Since Nora grew up in Berlin-Treptow, she took Laura to the „Sowjetisches Ehrendenkmal“ where Laura hasn’t been before. Of course, we also discovered a lot of places together, for example our favorite café in Berlin-Neukölln called ‘Dolly’ which has the best owner we’ve ever met, Selina, and she makes the place so special.

What we also love about Berlin is the unique atmosphere. Since so many people from different countries move to Berlin, it feels like a city that has a very open communication and a good networking between likeminded people.

And once in a while, when you have enough of the big city life and the people, the area around Berlin offers you so many beautiful places to escape. There are so many lakes and green spots. For example our favorite place for a trip in Spring and Summertime is Pfaueninsel. Only half an hour away, it feels like you’re on the countryside and not in a big city anymore.

Last year, when Nora lived in Kreuzberg and Laura in Neukölln, you could find us nearly every Tuesday or Friday at the weekly market at Maybachufer close to the canal. As we love to cook together, we really enjoy to buy fresh vegetables and herbs there.

Because of Laura’s food intolerances, Nora always tries to create some special dishes and invests a lot of time and love into cooking. And one day, we had the idea: why not starting a food blog to share our recipes with other people?! This was how our blog Our food stories was born: we are not only presenting recipes, but also design-products like tableware (often Danish designs, since we have a faible for those) as well as special food products and we just started a new series of Berlin design stores we love. Since Laura is a photographer, she is doing all the pictures for the blog, and Nora who studied fashion design has a very good eye for design and styling, so she is responsible for the food styling and setup. Lately, we moved together to Prenzlauer Berg, where we get even more design inspirations for our blog. You can find so many nice little shops here! For example Silo, a store which offers design products made in Spain or Ting, a beautiful design store at Rykestraße 41.