30 Jan

‘When I decided to come to Berlin, it was more or less in order to disconnect from the super busy side of life and to share it with people that I love and respect.’ says French founder and owner of Berlin store ‘Down by retro’, Laura Le Marchand, after leaving her life in Paris.

I used to come to Berlin very often over the last 7 years, visiting my friends and spending some relaxed time here. I then moved to Berlin 10 months ago, because me and my best friend Etienne had the plan to build our project together. Actually, I already wanted to move here for a long time. I’m coming from France and I used to work in the music business in Paris for a long time. But life in Paris was very stressful, especially because of my job.

So I decided to quit to set up this new project based on our friendship, starting a “new life” and so beginning our BCR/DBR adventure, a two-in-one shop selling vintage clothes and records!

After my arrival here, everything went really fast. We found the place quicker then we expected and we started to build everything with the help of all of our friends. We worked a lot but I can say I’m really happy about the move here and the decision of changing both life and country. Berlin stays a cheap city in the world, where you are surrounded by good energies, creativity and music. It’s really different compared to Paris that I knew before for example. When I decided to come here, it was more or less in order to disconnect from the super busy side of life and to share it with people that I love and respect.

I never felt like being in a foreign country. Lot of places were already familiar to me, because I used to come here before and there is a huge community of French people who gave me good advises. But I really like to discover new places now, new areas in Berlin. Actually, we spend a lot of time in Neukölln or in the Weserkiez because of the store and because we all live mostly all in this neighborhood. It’s full of nice restaurants, bars, shops etc.

We also do events in our store. We had great DJs so far and we continue to do so (for example Dj Qu from New Jersey). As DBR, we also created the event called “Neukölln Shopping Nacht” which is a night where we gather several Neukölln shops around events, exhibitions, music, drinks and sales. This is also something more personal, since I really love Berlin nightlife as it’s really unique…

But my free time is really short, so I still have to explore more of the city, places like Schöneberg, Moabit or Wedding, and this feeling that I have lot of stuff to discover makes me even happier.

I don’t know if I want to stay here forever or not. I will have to see how the shop goes, but for the moment, I happily stay!