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After Canadian & Irish couple Kristi and Dave “accidentally fell in love with the city”, they began to invite guests into their new Berlin home to have dinner together as ‘Zuhause’ supperclub…

Dave is from Cork, Ireland, I’m from Edmonton, Canada. I was just starting university when I met Dave! We met in 2005 in Nice, France- I was backpacking through Europe and Dave was about to start work as a private chef on super yachts. From there, things got exciting… and also complicated! Dave got more jobs and better jobs, and altogether had a pretty awesome life, working onboard yachts and cooking for super wealthy people all over the world (Mediterranean, Maldives, Caribbean, etc.). I went with him a few times and worked alongside him as a ‘stewardess’ (basically serving, cleaning, and doing anything else the owners needed). We also lived in Canada for a while (where I was a flight attendant) and we also lived in Ireland.

In the summer of 2010 we came to Berlin on our way from Turkey to Ireland. As luck would have it, it was actually cheaper to stay in Berlin for 2 nights…and that’s when we accidentally fell in love with this place! After 2 nights neither of us could stop thinking about the city, so we made a plan to come back on our next time off. So about 4 months later, we came back to Berlin for 2 weeks to decide if we were crazy or not, and decided that we were moving here!

I went back to school for one year and Dave went back to work in the Caribbean for the year. I also started taking German lessons, which seems hilarious to me now…desperately practising German in an English-speaking country, only to come here and find out everyone speaks English.

Our plan was to move to Berlin, for me to get into school here, and for Dave to work as a chef, but not in a restaurant. He knew he wanted to do something ‘different’ just didn’t know what. That’s when we started researching supperclubs and found out that Berlin seemed to have a great underground restaurant scene, and the idea was born! We moved here one year later, and the hardest part was finding a place to live… it took us 4.5 months to find a flat with a kitchen big enough to cook for guests! We moved in in September 2011, and had our first supperclub 3 weeks later.

Meanwhile, ‘Zuhause Berlin’ not only serves the city at ‘Street food Thursday’ every week, they also opened up ‘Muse’ restaurant together with another supperclub.

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