17 Oct

“As a writer, Berlin offers a never-ending supply of inspiration, and my only wish is to have more time to explore it everyday” says Katherine Sacks, an American food & travel writer who also runs her own food blog ‘La Vita Cucinare’ where she explores the city in a culinary way.

Our move to Berlin was completely unexpected. We had just signed a lease on a wonderful apartment under the Williamsburg Bridge, painted the walls, and purchased a slew of furniture, including the coziest couch and a vintage kitchen table that I loved. Plus, I had a great job, travelling the U.S. meeting and tasting with chefs and writing about restaurants and cooking trends. I wasn’t planning on leaving New York City for years. But when my boyfriend was offered a position at a start-up in the German capital, I didn’t think twice about agreeing to quickly pack up all of our most precious belongings, sell what we could, and hop the pond. Growing up the daughter of a U.S. Army officer, I was lucky enough to spend nine years of my childhood on military bases in Germany, and the country has captured a hold on my heart ever since. From the food to the culture and history, you could say I’m sort of obsessed. Does Germanophile sound silly? Not quite the same ring, but the intentions are there. As much as I loved the life we had set up in New York, I am so happy with the life we are creating in Berlin. I love the challenges it presents, from learning German (friends just introduced us to the Mouseshow, which may be my new favorite way to learn the language) to exploring the different neighborhoods, preferably by bike when the weather is nice. I love exploring the nuances of the city, and digging into the culinary world from old traditional German flavors to the rapidly growing food scene. I love how history smacks you in the face living here, from Alexanderplatz’s GDR architecture to the poignant Stolperstein. And I love the approachability of the people I’ve met. Because so many make Berlin their second home, both Germans and expats, people are open in a way I didn’t always find in New York. As a writer, Berlin offers a never-ending supply of inspiration, and my only wish is to have more time to explore it everyday. It’s a thrilling place to have landed, even removing my rose-tinted Germanophile glasses. There are so many things I love about Berlin, but up at the top of the list is the city’s incredible amount of parks, gardens, canals, and rivers. Did you know the city is more than one-third green space and has more bridges then Venice?! My favorite activity to do with guests is riding bikes around town—a great way to see as much as possible—and a ride through the breathtaking Tiergarten sweeps you away to another place. Even in the winter, covered in snow, it’s incredible. Tucked on the corner of the park, Café am Neuen See is a delightful place to relax at any time of day, does a nice tiered brunch tray, and is a lovely date spot with the paddle boats on the charming lake.

Have a closer look at her culinary articles from Berlin as well as her blog where she collects recipes (Katherine’s also a trained pastry chef!) while writing about her city life.

Favorite place

Café am Neuen See

Lichtensteinallee 2

10787 Berlin

+49 30 25449300

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