02 Aug
Although Swedish graphic designer and photographer Hanna Skoog has already lived in some cities around the world, Berlin “stands out the most”. “It feels like you can explore this city for a lifetime”…


I moved to Berlin in January 2012, after commuting back and forth to my boyfriend for almost 3 years. Berlin was both fascinating and very different from Sweden, and so full of life. I started my freelance business at the same time where I focus on graphic design and photography. And I don’t know if it was my most clever decision to move here in winter. It was raw and cold and the business had a very slow start. But spring came early (compared to what I’m used to) and work started growing parallel with the trees blooming.

Soon, we found our beloved apartment in Friedrichshain, where we now enjoy sitting on the balcony watching people strolling to and from Boxi, having a coffee on the sidewalk or just going from a to b. I love how close everything is to where we live, how I’ve found my favourite cafés where they know what I like to eat or drink as soon as I step inside, and I love how relaxed everyone is. I have lived in capitals like London, Sydney and Stockholm, and even though they are all unique, Berlin is the one city that stands out the most – for its creativity, history and dynamic. Also, it feels like you can explore this city for a lifetime. I constantly discover new places to get inspired by. And inspiration is something totally necessary for my creative process, which is easy to find here, just take a walk and you’ll have a head full of new ideas and impressions. Another great thing about Berlin is its endless selection of restaurants, cafés and bars. I really enjoy photographing both food and interior, and it’s not very difficult to find a place with good food and cosy atmosphere.

So what happens next? Not sure, I’m still commuting a fair bit to Sweden, which I don’t mind since traveling keeps my restless soul in shape. I love shooting and I love graphic design, so I will probably keep doing both. Whether it’ll be in Berlin or anywhere else, only time will tell.

Visit Hanna’s website for some insight into her work inspired by Berlin. Hanna also has her own blog where she shows sneak peeks into her life.

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Aunt Benny

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