13 Feb

After some good as well as bad decisions since living in Berlin, everything turned out “pretty, pretty good” for David Kamp when he co-founded his own glasses label OWL optics.

Dear mum,

I feel, it’s about time to send you a quick heads up of how I’m doing in Berlin. Oh, where to start? Quite a lot has happen since I left Hamburg. I mean seriously, those last 14 years just FLEW BY! As you might recall I left town to go to university. Back then the UdK was still the HdK. Ok, if you look at their logo they still are. It’s a bit like Raider and Twix but makes even less sense. Sorry, I digress. Apart from that the university years are a bit of a blur. I know what you’re thinking but to quote Mr. Clinton: I never inhaled. At that time I lived in Schöneberg which was nice but not as mountainous as one might expect. My only regret of that time is that I haven’t discovered Ixthys earlier. What might sound like a fancy designer drug to you is a Korean restaurant on Pallasstrasse that has two things going for it – a name that nobody can pronounce and the best Bibimbap in town. Then I moved into a WG in Friedrichshain where I made some good and bad decisions.

Good: not getting dreadlocks; not learning how to play the Digeridoo; starting “Romantik 2000“, a label that imported trucker caps from Texas.

Bad: working at a bar that called itself “Künstliche BEATmung“ (no joke), refusing a deal with a big distributer and thus sitting on tons of 12 year old trucker caps; an of course moving into a WG in Friedrichshain.

After university I started to „work“ in advertising (or as a co-worker called it – kids playing office) and consequently moved to Mitte – or maybe it was the other way round. I remember putting in lots of hours during these days but everything else is rather blurry. I know what you want to say but please don’t make me quote Christoph Daum. I quit my job in the summer of 2010, by then I lived in Prenzlauer Berg but kept my edge by not having any children. With the help of amazing people I met over the past 14 years I founded and now run the glasses label OWL. Since then everything is crystal clear and pretty, pretty good. Finally.

Best wishes from Berlin


PS. Do you remember that airport they started to work on when I left? Not gonna happen.

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