10 Jun

After graduating from University, Romy den Dekker thought that a career in Law was probably not going to make her happy and together with her sister Debra, she decided to pursue her dream of starting her own shop with items that they both love. “Amsterdam is a dynamic city and there is always something going on.”

Before moving to Amsterdam I always dreamed about what it would be like to live there. I would walk along the canals imagining living in one of those amazing apartments and being part of this amazing city.

When Debra, my sister, and I were 18 and 19 we moved here to study. Thanks to our parents we were able to share an apartment in the city center and moving to Amsterdam became the best decision ever. I think what we both love about Amsterdam is that it’s a dynamic city and there is always something going on. It may be a small city but it’s full of life…

Especially during summer, there is just so much to do and see. There are all kinds of festivals in the city, different markets to check out every weekend and cool independent stores and coffee places are popping up everywhere.

One of my favourite spots in Amsterdam is Waterlooplein. I always meet here with my friend (every week) and start the day with some coffee before strolling around on the flea market, searching for treasures. Another favorite flea market is the IJhallen (monthly) and I also love checking out the Noordermarket everytime I can. I guess I love to hunt for beautiful items and after some time I realised that I should to something with it.

I’ve got a degree in Law and after graduating I travelled around the world for some time with my boyfriend and realised that a career in Law was probably not going to make me happy. So when I came home, Debra and I started talking about pursuing our dream. Debra recently graduated in Fine Arts and is a born treasure hunter.

Since we both love to hunt for beautiful items, our dream was to have a shop filled with items we love (and often want to keep to ourselves…). We started out webshop in March and we will be opening our very first pop-up store in September on Waterlooplein in Amsterdam.