11 Mar

For photographers and co-founders of On a hazy morning, Joyce and Andres de Lange, inspiration always comes in the shape of a good cup of coffee. And they finally found what Amsterdam was missing until not so long ago: places to start your day enjoying your favourite drink and where you feel surrounded by such good vibes. And as they say: “We love so much to meet clients or colleagues in one of our favorite espresso bars, it definitely feeds our creativity.”

It was on a beautiful day in June, back in 2007. We, Andres and I, were in NYC for a city trip and sitting in an espresso bar in Alphabet City, in the Lower East part of Manhattan. We both ordered an espresso, served as a triple ristretto. After a few minutes the barista walked to our table with two small cups and two glasses of water. At the moment we took the first sip we looked at each other, with smiles on our faces. This tasty hot beverage, full of fruity tones, had a thick mouthfeel and a sweetness we’d never experienced before. Wow. This was seriously the best coffee we’ve ever had! Period. And that very moment our coffee adventure began.
When we arrived home we started reading about coffee. Books, barista magazines, articles on the internet; we wanted to know more about the differences between the coffee we used to drink and our triple ristretto at Ninth Street Espresso, that sweet intense cup in New York.
We’ve learned a lot since then, and discovered so many great places to get a really good cup. All around the States, London, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, but unfortunately just a lonely one in Amsterdam. Until the summer of 2011…
We heard rumors about a pop-up coffee lab called SOK, founded by three coffee entrepreneurs from Amsterdam. As soon as we went there to try their coffee we knew something was going to change our city. Finally! We were so happy that we could find amazing coffee only a short bike ride away! Then we discovered Coffee Bru in the Eastern part of the city. And soon the coffee scene was developing as other espresso bars started popping up, like Headfirst, Lot Sixty One and The Coffee Company opening their micro roastery for their specialty coffee. A few others followed. And still we hear about young ambitious people who decide to take the plunge and start their own espresso bar.
We think it really adds a lot of attraction to the city, especially for young creatives who love to go out for their favourite drink to start the day with. But besides coffee it’s so much more; it’s a cool place to meet friends, or where you can relax with one of those indie magazines. As photographers, it inspires us to be surrounded by good vibes, when you feel the good atmosphere in a particular place. And we know we’re not the only ones. That’s why we love so much to meet clients or colleagues in one of our favorite espresso bars, it definitely feeds our creativity. When we head home after one of those coffee dates we always feel so energetic, and full of new ideas. We’ve finally found the missing part that made the grass in the previously mentioned cities. Amsterdam, you inspire us more than ever before!