Amsterdam chapter of Best Wishes Magazine

Best Wishes Magazine is a story collection of creative city chapters. By sharing and spreading inspiring stories of creatives, one gets to know the people behind their projects which makes up a city’s spirit. When living in a big city, one can find inspiration in every corner – here’s to a celebration of the creative scenes in cities all around the world and many more stories of creatives to come!

As a combination of journal and travel guide, we set up a manifesto to let you know what it’s all about.

Amsterdam editor Laura Sanz will not only introduce us to her favorite cafés, but moreover share the stories of creatives that makes up the city’s creative spirit.

Founded by Jessica Jungbauer editor@bestwishesmag.com

Edited by Laura Sanz  amsterdam@bestwishesmag.com

Laura Sanz, Contributing editor Amsterdam


My story with Amsterdam wasn’t love at first sight. The first time I came here as a tourist, I surprisingly didn’t like it. It was too crowded, too anarchic, too noisy… I had to give it another chance though, and that time I walked a lot, got lost in its streets and enjoy the vibe at its nicest cafes. Amsterdam had finally gotten to me.

This city has the power of surprising you wherever you go. It has multiple faces: the noisy one, the quiet one, the rainy one, the sunny one… Because Amsterdam doesn’t get more authentic than when the sun shines up in the sky and people leave their houses with a smile on their faces to enjoy the day in the streets with a bottle of wine or a beer. Amsterdam is that big small city that still feels like a village at its main core. It is big enough to make you feel anonymous while you walk down the streets, but small enough to run into known faces almost everyday.

After some years living in Madrid, I felt the need to come back to Amsterdam. Here I feel free and full of inspiration again. And through Best Wishes from Amsterdam I try to share the enthusiasm of young creatives and entrepreneurs that make this city such a vibrant and incredible place to live.