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  • coffeevine_kitain_armistead

    Alex Kitain and Erica Armistead
    founders of The Coffeevine

    When Alex Kitain launched his specialty coffee blog The Coffeevine back in 2012, he was right on time to document the astronomic rise of Amsterdam as a coffee lovers haven: “The city has undergone an astonishing transformation and it is developing into a truly innovative global city on a tiny surface area”. These days, him and co-founder and fellow coffee addict Erica Armistead also run Europe’s most bespoke coffee subscription service and they couldn’t wish to be in a better place.

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    cath conroy sla amsterdam

    Cath Conroy
    Fashion photographer

    Despite Paris or Milan being the more obvious choice for fashion lovers, Fashion photographer Cath Conroy says that “right here, in Amsterdam, there is a movement that is capturing the world”. After 5 years exploring and living the magic of this city, what she has learnt from it is that “conventionality doesn’t get us anywhere. You have to embrace your authenticity and do what you have to do to get the shot”.

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    Best wishes from Amsterdam, Margot van der Krogt, The Makers Amsterdam

    Margot van der Krogt
    copywriter and founder of The Makers Amsterdam

    Having moved cities frequently as a child, Amsterdam is the place that Margot van der Krogt calls now home. As she says “I have found comfort in a city that embraces imperfections in every sense” and apart from documenting her fascination for Amsterdam on Instagram, she shares through The Makers the stories of Amsterdam’s creative entrepreneuers and makers, who make this city “the exciting and exhilarating place it is today” Read the story…

  • Best wishes from Amsterdam, Best Wishes Magazine, Romy den Dekker, Indianaweg10, Bohemian chic

    Romy den Dekker
    co-owner of Indianaweg10, online vintage store

    After graduating from University, Romy den Dekker thought that a career in Law was probably not going to make her happy and together with her sister Debra, she decided to pursue her dream of starting her own shop with items that they both love. “Amsterdam is a dynamic city and there is always something going on.”

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    Sergio Seibert & Julian Kirwan
    owners of Bakers & Roasters, breakfast and brunch restaurant

    Having crossed the world to live in London, Sergio and Julian were “getting exhausted with the daily grind” of spending hours to get across the city by tube. It wasn’t until some friends invited them to spend a weekend in Amsterdam when they discovered all the things that this city had on offer: “we were sold and knew exactly where we were now moving to”. And after years of speaking of opening a restaurant together, “we had finally found a city where we would like to establish it”.

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    Joyce & Andres de Lange
    photographers of 'On a hazy morning'

    For photographers and co-founders of On a hazy morning, Joyce and Andres de Lange, inspiration always comes in the shape of a good cup of coffee. And they finally found what Amsterdam was missing until not so long ago: places to start your day enjoying your favourite drink and where you feel surrounded by such good vibes. And as they say: “We love so much to meet clients or colleagues in one of our favorite espresso bars, it definitely feeds our creativity.”

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  • ValescavanWaveren

    Valesca van Waveren

    Illustrator Valesca van Waveren came to our meeting straight from the ceramics class she’s attending, carrying a beautiful and huge vase with her she had been working on for 5 months. That is persistence! It is impossible to stop listening to her when she talks about her hometown Amsterdam, a city that she describes -paraphrasing Shakespeare- as “small but fierce”. Just like her. Read the story…


    Sanne Dikken
    illustrator and designer

    “I love to travel the world to visit cities and nature, but also love to return to Amsterdam where I feel at home”, says illustrator and designer Sanne Dikken. For her, Amsterdam is that small big city where there is always something coming up, only a short bike ride away. Read the story…